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Graduation Requirements

Graduation requirements are designed to give each student a well-balanced high school education.  Included in the requirements for graduation is the opportunity to choose several elective courses.  These, if carefully chosen, will help the student explore and develop his or her career interests and abilities.  When planning a course of study, please consider the college or vocational school entrance requirements and/or future educational plans. Keep a careful record of the courses needed to meet high school graduation and post-high school educational requirements, career goals, and if applicable, NCAA eligibility requirements. To keep records accurate, verify credits with your counselor on a regular basis.

Transfer students must complete all graduation requirements to earn an EPHS diploma. Students who transfer to EPHS after their junior year will be evaluated to determine whether they qualify for senior status. Information used to determine senior status is gained from the previous school, the number of credits required to earn a diploma at the previous school, whether a student was homeschooled, and/or correspondence credits earned.

Subject Required
 English 4.0   English I, II, III, electives
 Math 4.0   Algebra I and higher
 Science 4.0   Earth science, biology, electives
 Social Studies 4.0   World civilizations, geography, US History, Civics
 Physical Education .5   Any PE course
 Health .5   Personal Health or Teen Choices & Challenges
 Personal Financial Literacy .5   Personal Financial Literacy course
 Technology .5   Foundations of Tech or AP Computer Science
 Visual & Performing Arts .5   Art I, choir, band or other electives
 Communications .5   Public Speaking
 Electives 9.0   Any additional courses