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April 8, 2024
Shaping Our Future

Dear Students and Parents/Guardians, 

As part of ongoing efforts to best serve students and community, the Estes Park School District is excited to announce an evolution in our administrative team's structure for the upcoming school year.

In response to changing enrollment patterns, I have carefully considered resources and decided to introduce a more streamlined leadership team. This new configuration will consist of two principals and three assistant principals, designed to optimize our resources and focus on providing the best possible educational environment. This is a change from the current composition of four principals and one assistant principal for a student population of approximately 950 students.

Erin Miller, currently serving as the Principal for grades PK-2, will transition to the role of Elementary Principal, expanding her leadership to encompass grades PK-5 and focusing on the education of our younger learners. Concurrently, Sonja Greenway, our Middle School Principal, will assume the responsibilities of Secondary Principal for grades 6-12, guiding the academic journey of our older students.

I am also pleased to share that Mary Barron, presently the High School Principal, will bring her expertise and passion to the role of Assistant Principal for grades 6-8. As we look to complete our leadership team, we are in the process of selecting Assistant Principals for grades PK-5 and 9-12, with the goal of finding dedicated individuals who will contribute significantly to our community.

This new leadership model is tailored to more effectively support our current student body, enhancing educational outcomes and providing more opportunities for staff development and leadership. Set to be implemented in the 2024-2025 school year, I am confident this change will usher in a period of renewed focus and invigorated support for all our students and staff.

Ruby Bode

Superintendent of Schools

Group of band members on risers with Go Band! text over purple ribbon at the the bottom

The EPHS marching band won the bronze prize for their performance at the state competition in Colorado Springs.

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